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Buyer FAQs means  GREAT FOOD!:
Here you will find products that can only related to food; right from raw vegetable to exotic international cuisines, food & nothing but food. But the big difference being that all of it are selective & not easily available off the shop or other popular websites.
We are a tech-first driven facilitator between food lovers & GREAT FOOD! – We DON’T buy or stock products and resell them. All products on our site are listed buy the sellers themselves  and shipped directly by them to freshness & great taste. The product prices decide by the makers & there is no additional addition from our side. 
Decide :
Do you want to continue buying your favourite food from somewhere where everything from Agarbatti to Zipper  is sold leading to a chaotic approach?
Buy from here, we sell only then best GREAT FOOD!. Don’t take our word; experience the journey of meandering through this gastronomically delightful site & when you find your favourite mouth-watering food, don’t resist the temptation to place your order. You will get GREAT FOOD! at a great price & will also be helping our partners in their dream entrepreneurial venture especially the home-chefs whose food taste will remind you of someone very special & loving!

Shopping is free with a minimum shopping of Rs.1000/- exclusive of discounts is a marketplace that follows a Drop-ship model. Therefore, we don’t keep any product inventory. All our items are shipped by individual partner sellers, meaning you may receive multiple parcels across days. You will be notified about each item and its status via email as well as SMS.

If you have received shipments from all the sellers and have received partial product, please connect to our support executive at [email protected] Else, your product(s) might be on their way. Check your Order status here to get detail?????????????

If you don’t like the taste of the dish, we would be extremely dejected. We would like to hear from you in our comments section what is it in the dish that didn’t appeal to your palette. Unfortunately, taste is an individual characteristic which differs from person to person & hence we are unable to offer any refunds 

Our apologize for goofing up your order. Kindly email us on ?????????????along with the image of product received and we will ensure you get the product you ordered for at the earliest.

We won’t be able to edit the details once the product is shipped but we will try our best to reroute your parcel. Kindly email us on ????????????????? along with changed address.

The freshness of the products is one of our top priorities and hence, we ensure that the most fresh products are packed for delivery. We work towards providing you the maximum possible shelf life of the products so that you have enough time to consume and savour them after you receive it. 

Seller FAQs

India’s largest platform for independent local brands, retailers, home-entrepreneurs to sell their products to consumers across the nation with a focus on GREAT FOOD! lets you showcase and sell your products & experiences to new, potential customers.As a seller, your primary objective is to maximize the sales of your products without spending any unnecessary time or money. We have designed specifically with this golden rule in mind. With all the automation we have built into our platform, buying and selling is a breeze!

Register in as Little as 3 Minutes
Simply click on the New Seller link on our homepage, provide us details of your business such as name, address, contact persons and employees and start selling. The entire registration process is online, eliminating the need for printing or even a computer. Your signed seller agreement will be emailed to you instantly after registration. An FSSAI number is mandatory for registration.

No Registration or Listing Fees
We do not charge any fee for registration or for listing your products; no matter if you are listing one product or a hundred products, listing on is always free.

Pay Only When You Sell
You pay for every product that is sold through; our policy is simple – if you do not sell, you do not pay anything!

Get Payments Within a Week
Your payments automatically get credited into your bank account within 7 days of an order so you have money in your hand when you need it.  

Manage Your Discounts and Prices
On, you can set up any type of discount you can think of – product discount, cart discount, additional discount, buy one, get one just to give you an idea. Each discount can be set on an individual product, group of products or a category of products for a specific period of time. We are sure no other site allows you to set the kinds of discounts that we do.

Data Access 
Get access to world-class order management system & data analytics with our automated self-monitored dashboard as a privilege of being an seller; absolutely FREE!

One Click Logistic Support
We provide you with complete backend logistic support; you will be notified of an order by email and SMS and once you are ready to ship, we will automatically generate the shipping label, transit invoice and other documentation required by the courier company. Your package will be picked up by the courier company from your premises and will be delivered to the customer.

Payment Gateway At No Charge
You do not have to worry about credit card processing or net banking or e-wallet set up. We have built all this into our platform to enable fast and easy checkout. The best part is that you do not incur any credit card processing fee.

No Shipping Charges
As a seller, we do not expect you to pay shipping charges for any item in an order. You can rest assured that you will get full payment as per the agreed upon terms.

Unmatched Brand Recall has a high brand recall value that few other platforms have; this catchy name of ours will ensure that customers remember and buy from it rather than going to any other site. Moreover, with the specific category of sweets and snacks, the brand will be etched in everyone’s memory.

Step 1

Sign up on our website

Step 2 

Set Up Your Catalogue And Profile On

Step 3

Get Ready To Ship Your Products!

Step 4

Payment will be credited to your account. Simple! 


You can add any food item that is edible. Yes — we mean it. FoodPulsar loves sharing all kinds of food and in any quantity. Be it cooked, raw, organic or baked, your goodies are welcome here. However we do expect our users  to follow some basic guidelines; like not selling items that are past its expiry date.

At, we do not believe in forcing our sellers to set specific prices or offer discounts; each seller is free to set his/her own price or offer discount according to his/her convenience and affordability. Although, it is expected that sellers will not offer their products on our marketplace at a price that is higher than what they would normally offer at their physical store or other place of business. Discounts are available to sellers to individually activate or deactivate at any time. Invoices will clearly indicate the discounts applied so there is no confusion whatsoever. After all, the reason a seller lists products is to increase his business, not to increase the market capitalization of the online marketplace!

As your business partner, will not only provide you access to its marketplace, backend dashboard and seller application, but will also fully support you in your order fulfilment also:

We will:
Automatically notify you when a new order is placed or if an order is modified Provide back-end payment gateway facilities, including credit/debit card processing, online banking and cash-on-delivery Generate invoices, seller declaration and customer declaration Send email and SMS confirmation messages to customer with periodic order status Provide courier shipping at negotiated rates Generate shipping labels and arrange pickup Provide you with a statement of accounts pertaining to your sales We are committed to making you succeed; our system and processes are totally automated so you can concentrate on doing what you do best – making GREAT FOOD!, increasing your sales and making foodies happy!

We have a dedicated page to help you with this, you can find the link to it at the bottom of the page. For now you can click here to know your Order Status :?????????????

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Cancel/Return Order

You can return the products:

1) If the product reaches you in a condition which renders it unfit for use, beyond expiry date etc., we urge you to contact us within 24 hours ( 1 hour in case of fresh home-cooked food) from delivery. We will analyse the issue through photographs or at our warehouse, as the situation demands, and upon finding that the product has reached you in a condition as stated above, initiate a refund within 48 hours. 

2) We do not accept ‘Taste’ as a factor for returning the product, as we acknowledge and understand that everyone may not have the same/similar taste preferences

3) In case of packaged/branded food products, we will only accept refunds in the case that products has reached beyond the date of expiry, or similar reasons; if there are any quality related issues within the product, the support team of the said brand may be contacted and will extend full help inresolving the matter suitably although does not hold any liability for the same 

4) The final and binding decision for whether the product is eligible for refund, on a case by case basis, lies with only.

For eligibility of refund, please check our refund policy here ?????????????????????

We request you to go through our return policy here ?????????????????????? If the product meets our return guidelines you can send us an email at [email protected] your order details and we’ll resolve the issue.

We are sorry that you no longer wish to shop for the item.

We accept order cancellation only if the order has not been dispatched yet. 

To cancel an order, contact our customer support team via Chat, email or phone?????????????????????????

If you placed the order using Cash on Delivery, there is no amount to be refunded at our end as you haven’t paid for the order yet. For payments made via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking or Wallets you will receive refund (including Shipping Charges) into the source account within 7-10 business days from the time of order cancellation????????????

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